Saturday, July 01, 2017

Back In Beezness

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Yes, it became a very wide gap. But after a long span of time (or it seemed that way to me)
I have finally returned to this blog. I left Oregon on June 4th and I am presently (as of this
writing) halfway across the State of Iowa.

Yesterday, at around 4a.m., I happily put this brand new laptop in my hands. Yeehaw!

I have so much catching up to do!

And I am so relieved to send these photos from my phone to my computer for safekeeping.
I have been walking around with them all for just a little too long!

This next pic is one of my favorites. And yes, there is a little story to share with it.

I spent a rather chilly night wrapped up in my sleeping bag at "The Oasis" rest area located
in Brothers, Oregon. Yeah, Brothers...home of an old café/post office/outback hangout and
the cleanest pit toilets West of the Rockies.

And in the midst of this vast, high-desert retreat fly the most aggressive bees in the Pacific

One little buzzer caught my attention that morning at "The Oasis." But only after I poured
a good dose of orange juice in a pilfered McDonald's plastic cup. When I went to pick up
the cup..."Give It To Me"...the crabby bee...began to buzz around me in a very threatening

So I pulled out my own mean green bottle of DEET and waved it at the little buzztard.

"If you keep this up, I'm gonna nail you with this toxic spray, Bee" I warned.

The bee responded by hanging in midair above my juice and glaring at me. And I was
fortunate enough to capture the moment on my phone. Unfortunately, the flash from the
camera temporarily blinded the poor bug and he dropped right into my precious cup of

I grabbed my spoon and fished the bee out. He dragged his saturated wings around for a
moment and then flew back to the edge of the cup.

That's when I got a honey of an idea: I unscrewed the cap from my water bottle and
carefully poured a small bit of juice into it. Then I placed it on the table next to me and
told the bee, "Look now, this little bit of juice is yours and the rest is mine."

Did the bee go for it?


And for a few amazing moments both the bee and I enjoyed our own sweet taste of peace.

Did I get a photo of that?


I figured that the bee and I had been through enough trauma for one morning. But I
do have one shot to share and I hope you like it.

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