Saturday, August 12, 2017

Prove That We Deserve Peace

I am at a public library. I was editing photos that I took on the road when the news of
what happened in Virginia today came across my laptop screen.

I remember when I marched with thousands of other people down the streets in Washington DC.
Yes, I remember.

No one got hurt that least not physically.

And after everyone was gone...I walked back down that street by myself. There was no blood screams echoing in my head. There was just silence once again.

In another part of the world, a man is poised and getting ready to send Hell to our people. As the
threat looms in front of us, it would make so much sense to forget our destructive differences
and bind together. We should be teaming up...we should be uniting...we should be doing
everything that we can, right now, to prove that our Country really does deserve to exist in peace.

No one should be running vehicles into innocent people. No one should be waving a flag of hate. No one should be showing Kim Jung UN the
worst side of ourselves.

I watched the video, read the story, sighed and sadly shook my head. Then I looked up from the
laptop screen.

There in front of me, a few feet away, stood a little girl of about four years old. She was dressed
in a skirt that looked just a bit big on her. Her hair was pulled back and gently blended into a braid.

She balanced a picture book that was almost too large for her hands while doing her best to
read it. I wanted so much to take a photo of her but I knew that doing so might cause trouble. Plus
she was completely caught up in the moment of just being who she is. I didn't want to break the

And so I took a memory photograph instead, smiled and tucked it away in my mind.

The people that caused all of the dissention and pain in Virginia today lost sight of the truth. I saw that truth for a few moments in
the soft image of a little girl in a small town library in Oregon.

And that visual is now more precious and important to me than any solar eclipse will
ever be.

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